ABOUT | Demetriss miller

I'm Demetriss Miller, the founder and owner of Demetriss The Body Expert studio. I'm a Caretaker and Service Practitioner and  I pride myself on being an expert and student in the art of Body work, Skincare and Beauty I've been in this profession my whole adult life and have never regretted one minute of it. 

    During my 24 years in the skincare and beauty industry I've helped hundreds of people achieve their goals of beautiful healthy  skin . The Art of enhancing beauty brings me joy daily. I'm always practicing, learning new things, and perfecting my craft.

    As a 19 year Massage Therapist, I have had the pleasure of aiding many clients in achieving healthy body goals.

The ability to help someone walk better, stand straighter, be more active and have a relaxed  positive state of mind  is a rewarding feeling.